Czech Republic and Prague.

Caffreys Irish Bar -A great friendly Irish Pub,with plenty of  good food a lively atmosphere any time you get there. The Irish Breakfast is particularly worth mentioning. Went there so often we renamed it ICAP suboffice! Live music some nights. Staromestske Namesti.

 Scarlett O'Hara's Irish Pub - One we are still getting to know, as another guide book puts it the inside looks like a pub after a pitched battle, but the beer is good. And during the St  Paddys day celebrations the Irish Girls were dancing on the Tables!  Quite crowded.

James Joyce Irish Pub - What can we say its the Grand Daddy of them all in Prague. You can always be guaranteed a fun night in here,  food is very good too. Its quite small so gets crowded but a good craic. And as they say "There are no strangers here, only friends that haven't met yet!". Liliova .

O' Che's - The idea here being to confuse the local  officialdom into thinking its a Cuban pub, not another of those  Irish  hangouts. Well if memory serves its Murphys or Guinness  on offer here. Didn't stay long the Polish guys had to return for an early evening siesta as we had seen them off. Points for having a  Charlton (Away ?) shirt on the wall.

U Vejvodu - At last Curtis makes it into a Czech Pub , er well  the building has been under restoration for as long as I remember (about 5 seconds, terrible thing this memory loss!). Actually it is Tardis-like inside and has been refitted wonderfully. Bit of a  tourist-pub packed in the evenings though. Pilsener Urquell (Prazdroj  as the locals name it !) on tap ... nice. Standard Czech fare hearty  and heavy. Jilska 4.

U Medvidku - Touristy Budvar pub where you can drink the real  Bud, not that Wassup crap our colonial cousins masquerade as beer. Czechs do wander in, but the display of Budvar memorabilia and the  large waggon in the restaurant are real foreigner fodder. Very near  to what became known as Totty-corner, but not a vantage point. Food  is good particularly the Goulash and dumplings, thats ok in winter,  have no idea what they serve in the warmer months. Na Pernstyne

Zanzibar - Great pub where the locals tend to go nuts, having  wandered in to grab a nightcap, to my delight I found a Czech girl dancing on the bar. After telling her that it was my brother's 18th I  persuaded her to dance for him. Very amusing. Cocktails generally, but the kind of place that might either be kicking or dead with  absolutely no in between.

Kozicka - An underground labyrinth, nearly always crowded good  beer, near to Caffreys so ideal if attempting a pub crawl.- Kozi 1

Radegast Pub - Fairly basic Czech pub/restaurant  but the  beer absolutely rocks.Templova 2

Barock - Upmarket bar/eaterie with a Asian/Fusion kitchen, sometimes filled with upmarket birds! Some of which may or may not be  working! Parizka 

Marquis de Sade - More of a lounge bar than a pub, quite often they have live bands here. Templova 8

Chateau Rouge - A nice enough place but has a reputation of being a druggy place. Has renamed itself about 3 times to shake off the image. Lots of birds. Maybe better to avoid the banana bar next  door they sometimes have tranvestite evenings! - Jakubska 2

Legends - Subterranean Sports bar run by the same guy who owns  the Irish Pubs. Hundreds of screens and all the action from SKY . All  your usual Czech foods here.... not! Chicken wings Burgers etc are  the order of the day.

Bugsys -  Cocktail bar , the drinks are listed in a small  blue book, lots of choice and the prices not bad, sometimes find birds here looking to snare a rich foreigner.- Parizka 10. Update last time I was in Prague Bugsys appeared to be closed.

Nove Mesto (New town)

Jama  - A bit like an american college tavern, quite difficult to get a seat. Plenty of Birds. But good beer and grub. - V Jame

Novomestske Pivovar - A microbrewery brewing various beers, accompanied by standard czech grub. - Vodickova 

U Sadlu - Good place  a bit odd though, Medieval style  cellar pub/restaurant. - Klimentska 2

Solidni Jistota - Recommended as a pick up joint by a couple  of birds I met this weekend! - Pstrossova 21.

Mala Strana (Across the Charles Bridge, below the castle)

U Maleho Glena -  Cosy bar downstairs, not bad beer or  Barmaids. Used to be an Expat place.- Karmelitska 23

Scruffy Murphys  - Yet another Irish Pub! - Karmelitska

St Nicholas Cafe - The entrance is in a passageway just off  street normally a few expats. - Trziste 10

Bazaar Mediterrane - Bit of a hike up toward the castle,  inside there are sometimes go go dancers on the bar, but not  regularly. - Nerudova

Jo's bar  - Been here a couple of times don't remember  much about it, so it must have been a blast!- Malostranske Namesti 7

 La Fabrik - 

Strip Bars

 I am only gonna recommend 2 places to you here as these are places I  know quite well, in the others you are likely to be ripped off. In  other places they either let you in for free and then rip you off on  drinks and dances from very disinterested looking birds, who are basically escort or hostess girls looking to be taken out, this could  get quite expensive. Anyway I leave that up to you guys.

U Zlateho Stromu  - This is a restaurant, hotel, nightclub, pub and go go bar with strippers and special acts all rolled into one. It used to cost 50 CZK to get in and that pays for  the special shows. The go go bar is located on the lowest level underground. But you cant miss it, if you are walking from the old town square to the Charles bridge it is on your left just before you  get cross the main road to get to the bridge. - Karlova 

Goldfingers - In the passage next to the Zlata Husa Casino and  the Ambassador Hotel - This place is an old converted theatre and whilst it is more expensive than the Zlateho Stromu, it is well worth the money. It costs 500 CZK per person to get in, but drinks are reasonably priced , about normal london pub prices for a beer. Get at large table and just wait for the Girls to come over. There is a menu  on the table which details prices for dances, you can have either 1  or 2 girls on the table, and they are all pretty good looking. I recommend   Mandy if she is there or her sister (whose name escapes me) , go for  a private dance with them, usually 1000 CZK for a private dance in  the booths at the back, it costs an extra 500 CZK with touching. To  be honest I dont think it is anything goes,but they will stop you if you go too far. Pussy Galore 6000 CZK  It is either 5 or 6 girls on stage with one of you on a chair being humiliated, I mean  pleasured in front of the rest of the club. - Vaclavske Namesti


 Ambiente - 

 Plzenska Restaurace - 

 Reykjavik - 

 French Restaurant in Obecni Dum - 

 U Flambe - 

 V Zatisi - 

 Dlouha Zed -

 Cafe Slavia

 Bellevue - 

 Circle Line - 

 Kampa Park - 

 Ostroff -  

 Cafe Lambourghini - 

 Kenvelo Cafe - 


 Well thats the best I can do at the mom, apologies in advance for anything that remains closed due to flooding, I think the Mala Strana  side was affected worst. For your info the metro in the centre is still not running, and has been replaced by Trams. A taxi from the Airport to the centre for 1 drop off should be about 550-650 CZK. If you take a Taxi back to the Airport from your hotel it could cost  more up to 150 CZK is possible. Takes about30-45 minutes to get from the Airport to the centre.