Italy Photos

 Big Beers-no Fears:-A good idea about to go out of control, P.S.  Notice Rick "I'll just have a coke" Bradley's amazing willpower!

 Dinner for 7 (eventually) in Sienna

 Good evening Siena, post a few beers we descend upon the town to  wreak havoc!


 And she couldn't understand why I was laughing.Where is the other  Flowerpot man?

 Jase and Florence

 Our encampment, note the position of my tent, it was the only bush I  got all trip!

 Skillfully using semaphore Claire directs the giant cathedral to land!

 What happens when you don't line up the camera properly, and yes next time I will hold my stomach in!


 Woman dashes to hospital to have ingrowing Curtis removed from her head!

 Wandering through Boboli Gardens.

 Posing, seemed like a good idea at the time!

 Little does Jase suspect that people are laughing at his shorts!