Photos from Budapest.

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 This is the Hungarian Parliament building,on the Pest side of the  river, it is based on the style of the Palace of Westminster.

 Lanc hid, or Chain bridge, it was built in Scotland and shipped here.  It spans the Danube at the base of Buda Hill.

 This is a Classical music school named after Ferenc Liszt, the square to the left of this picture also bears his name, and is quite lively  by night in summer with many tables outside cafes.

 A very clever piece of Trompe d'oeil fresco on the side of a building.

 Wide!! The Danube not me! Actually this bridge connects either side of the river to Margit island which has a huge park and some thermal baths there, but these aren't as famous as those at the Gellert Hotel.

 This is the Museum and Library, its next to the Castle and on the Buda side of the river, But I must confess I haven't been in! Well there's no bar!

 Another building in the Castle district, the roof is very ornately tiled. There isn't much of a defensive point here anymore the castle was deliberately ruined to prevent rebellion.


 This is a Church in the Castle area of Buda.

 Underneath the Castle district there is a Labyrinth.

 These caves were occupied by Neolithic Man, but there are also some  satirical sculptures made by a few more recent Hungarians.

 The question I was asking myself after this is  What is he  doing, does he think he is James Herriot? And the background does  look like a 1970s crazy paved chimney.

 Think it was the dark getting to him, actually while we were there we bumped into a few quite scared people!

 David and his new friend! Is that a candle or is he pleased to see him?

 Jase and an old friend! This is actually a  never-ending  fountain of  Red wine at the bottom of the Labyrinth, and no I  didn't drink any! Why? It was corked of course!

 Up in the hills on the Buda side of the River you can take a  funicular railway out of the city. Its cooler up there and there is a railway run by Children, they do everything except drive the trains. And please note SouthWest Trains and Connex they run on time!

 We left the train and walked back through the countryside to Normafer. Where we were delayed by considerable lashings of grub and booze at The Normafer Bar and Grill, a very nice restaurant indeed.